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Little girl at home in bed colouring in a book.

10 At-Home Boredom Killers That Aren't Screens

Things to do with your family during a pandemic

April 13, 2021

With Covid and schools closed indefinitely in Ontario right now, trying to find things to do is, well.... hard. Add to the challenge that you can't go anywhere and friends are off-limits, it can be pretty difficult to not become best friends with your screens. (I will admit, my kids are on screens ALL THE TIME and I do not feel an ounce of guilt about it anymore. I used to... but with both of us parents working from home, it has become what it is and it keeps our kids connected with their friends). Having said that, here are 10 at-home activities you CAN do that don't require screens. But I hereby give you full permission to allow your kids to go on screens and not feel guilty about it... getting through this pandemic is hard enough!


• The story behind the piece •

Buy the art because you love it; but reading what inspired that piece - that's the real magic!

The following are some fun, quick stories as to how some pieces came to be.

I created this piece a few years ago; since having children, I've been drawn to creating a lot of prints with children in mind.

As for the coastal inspiration - would you believe me if I told you... it's Billy Joel?

As a lifelong fan, I always imagined I'd bump into him in the Hamptons or somewhere on Long Island... it hasn't happened yet, but that coastal town I envisioned all these years has stuck with me, and now I ADORE this style.

You'll see it in a lot of my pieces!

And there you have it - a piece created out of the love for my kids... and Billy Joel. :)

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