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About Us

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting our print shop, Little Lief Creative. My name is Leah, and I am the artist behind all of the various prints you see in this shop!



In 2013, I was travelling with our baby daughter when we were rear-ended at a red-light. We were both ok, but I suffered chronic pain, memory loss, and a condition called "post-concussion syndrome" extensively for many years. Now, years later, I am still suffering with some adverse effects from the accident, but am also doing so much better.

Unable to work, I turned to creating art as a form of therapy. I have always loved creating art, painting and illustrating. I was also the type to change my room around at least once a month; clearly creating & decorating has been a passion of mine for many years.  With my shop, I have now put those two loves together by creating pieces I would love to have in my home, and of course, pieces I hope you will love, too. 



Here at Little Lief Creative, we offer both printable and shipped prints.

I began LLC with printable items as it was the easiest way for me to get my art to clients without over exerting myself with my condition at the time - and for them to have it instantly - no shipping wait times. More importantly, as someone who was now without work, but still loved decorating, I wanted my clients and customers to also have access to art that was not only beautiful, but affordable. I knew there were more people like me out there who perhaps were struggling financially - sick, or without work - but who still wanted to create a space that was a reflection of them.

However, I have since expanded into high-quality fine art matte shipped prints as well. As we have grown over the last 5 years, clients have been begging for this option. They love the ease of selecting the print or prints they want, sitting back, and waiting for them to arrive without having to print them themselves.  I work with trusted partners to print and ship these items, and they are packaged with love straight to your home.


I truly love my clients and customers. They have helped Little Lief Creative become what it is today - a brand that focusses on love, family, humour and home decor. I will be sharing our story through blog posts as well, if you want to know how things are going, and to see what new items we will be releasing in the future. 

My family and I are grateful for your support and love - we could not have come this far without you. Thank you.

Happy decorating!


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